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This Wiki is a collection of projects that were created for HUM 211 - Literature in a Wired World at Murray State University. It includes group projects on genres of Electronic Literature as well as individual projects on reader communities.

Literature in a Wired World provides an introduction to the changing nature of books, texts, and narrative in the Information Age. The course explores the means by which literature engages technology and technology shapes literature, and by which new media responds to old

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media. Students will explore the role of the book in relation to other media, as well as the shifting status of writers and readers. In addition, students will explore digital cultures and the identities that form around them. Students will also learn practical skills such as basic HTML programming to create literary works. No prior technical knowledge is expected or assumed, but an interest in working with digital technology (i.e. computers and portable devices) is a must. Major assignments for the course will include regular participation (in class and on the class blog), daily quizzes, one analysis papers, an in-class midterm, and a final digital project exploring the relationships between readers and texts.

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Group projects for this course focused on two genres of electronic literature. Students participate together to define the genre and then individually analyze a single work from that genre. Students will sign up individually to join a group that will analyze one of two genres of electronic literature: Interactive Fiction or Hypertext Fiction. In groups of no more than four, students should analyze one genre of electronic literature. The project involves a cohesive introduction paragraph written corporately by the group, followed by individually written analyses of a piece of electronic literature from one the assigned genre

Digital Poetry Group

Electronic Fiction Group

Example of a Group Project from a Previous Class.

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For this course, final projects asked students to examine the online presence that surrounds a text of their choice. Students could analyze anything from a poem to a video game. These projects locate and analyze the questions and interpretations that have arisen around these texts and the way online communities keep such discussions alive. 


Call Of Duty: The Tribulations of Professional Gaming (Feagin)

Big Brother: Controversy in a Wired World (Clark)

GTA V: Expanding the Original Game Network (Shaw)

Fifty Shades of Grey: The Start of a New Generation (Pair)

Metal Gear Solid (Reiter)


Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire

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A Tour of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton Branch Office

The Legend of Zelda: A Hero's Final Project

My Little Brony: The Friendship Fandom

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